The summer months are just around the corner so we have curated a list of 7 simple tips and tricks to give your car that perfect finish, inside and out. 



Regular waxing will ensure your car is kept shiny, glossy and prevents a build up of rust. A good wax will repel water, create incredible beading and make future cleaning a lot easier. Keeping on top of waxing will also protect the car from UV Rays that can discolour the paint over time.

Smart Polish Pro Wash & Wax formula

Going over your freshly washed car with a seperate wax product can be extremely time consuming. Our Waterless Wash & Wax formula combines both the cleaning and waxing process as it contains a high concentration of natural Carnauba wax, leaving a high gloss finish that last for weeks. Time saved on cleaning your car means more hours back in your day!



Always clean your car when the body work is cool and out of direct sunlight. Liquids evaporate a lot quicker on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight which can leave water marks or dry the wax a lot quicker than expected, making it harder to remove. We recommend cleaning your car in the morning, the shade or your garage to ensure the surface is cool and out of direct sunlight.



Don't forget your tyres! Your tyres face the harshest conditions like heat, water, road tar, dirt, grime and general degradation. Tyre cracking is a particular problem in areas with warm climates due to the strong UV Rays.

Tyre Glaze applying on dry dull tyres 

A good tyre dressing will help to prevent cracking, fading, hardening of your tyres while leaving behind a deep shine. 



Keep the interior clean and clutter-free. Compliment your car's pristine exterior with a well-kept interior that's free from dust, shoe scuffs and odours. Keeping your car clean inside is easily accomplished by keeping a small bag or bin in the boot to make it easy to clear our rubbish, and a quick once over with a handheld vacuum to take care of any dust or dirt on the seats and foot wells. 

Interior Cleaner formula

A little tip for cleaning nooks and crannies as well as air vents is to use an Ear Bud. These things come in very handy for removing dirt from tight places where you can't get your Microfibre cloth into.



Check under the body of the car for potential repairs and replacements on a regular basis. Regularly degreasing the metal components in the underbody and getting rid of rust and dirt can really make a difference to your car's life expectancy. 



Maintain a good suply of clean microfibre cloths for your vehicle. Never clean your car with a dirty rag, or any fabric other than Chamois or Microfibre. Doing so will certainly leave behind ugly streak marks that will attract dust and dirt very quickly, making your cleaning efforts worthless. Most high quality microfibre cloths can be re-used many times so a good cloth is definitely worth the investment - here are a few tips to care for them.



Wipe down your windscreen wipers with a rubbing alcohol to prevent a smeared windscreen. This one's important for safety as well as keeping your car shiny and clean!