Our Waterless Wash & Wax formula is a simple solution to give your car that showroom finish and perfect for regular maintenance especially when you lack easy access to a water point.



Before you get started, you'll need a few high quality microfibre cloths and ensure your vehicle isn't in direct sunlight. We highly recommend using microfibre cloths with a minimum of 300 GSM as a low quality cloth can damage your car. 

Note: If your vehilce is covered in thick dirt and heavily soiled, we recommed removing that first or opting for a traditional wash - it's important to remain practical!



Start by taking your microfibre cloth and folding it twice in half, this will give you eight sides to use. With some careful planning and mentally mapping out the sections of your car, you can clean the whole vehicle with as few as 3-4 cloths. 

Note: Always make sure the cloths are clean before you start. You can read more on cloth maintenance and care in this guide.



Shake well to activate the formula, lightly apply to a microfibre cloth and to the surface of the vehicle one area or panel at a time. 

Waterless detailing guide spray formula on

Tip: Start from the top of the vehicle to avoid any product spilling to clean areas.



Gently wipe in one direction without using too much pressure. We recommend linear direction and slightly changing up the section of the cloth over each pass. This will ensure you are trapping the dirt effectively and do not reintroduce dirt on the surface again.

Waterless detailing wiping in linear motion

Tip: By chance if your drop your cloth on the ground, use a new one and don't risk transferring dirt from the ground on to your vehicle.



Using a separate clean and dry microfibre cloth, buff the surface to reveal a protective shine.

Waterless detailing buffing residue to reveal shine



Repeat this process section by section while making sure you switch over the microfibre cloth when it gets too dirty and see the results yourself.

Before and after a waterless detail with Smart Polish Pro

It's as simple as that to achieve amazing results, quicker and without wasting water.